Yan Zeming

Yan Zeming

1980 Born in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province

Currently works and lives in Shenzhen


“ My hometown is the inspiration for my paintings. The countryside of my hometown in the 80s was isolated and barren. But it remained the beauty of the rural life in the nature.

We grew up on the backs of cattles, with hoes or torches in hand, learning the world from our own perspective.



2019 Serenity Garden, Great Art Space, Shenzhen



2018 Inviting Exhibition, Jazz Space, Donguan, China

2017 Guangzhou International Art Fair, Guangzhou

2017 Shenzhen International Art Fair, Shenzhen

2017 E Jinghua Art, The Water Cube, Beijing

2017 Collection Exhibition, Tianhai Art Msueum, Guiyang

2016 Art Guangdong, Guangzhou

2016 Art for Extincting Animals, Guiyang

2016 Jingzhe, Lijia Group, Shenzhen

2016 Poem China, Songzhuang, Beijing

2015 Power of Dream, the Communist Youth League

2015 Tale of Shanxi, Shanxi Merchants Museum, Beijing